Alyssa Beck is a trafficking survivor advocate who consults with and advises leaders in anti-human trafficking, experts in girl-centered relations, and legislators to develop laws and practices that support survivors of sex trafficking and youth involved in the justice system. Alyssa works with Jacksonville based non-profit, the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, as an Advocacy Specialist where she brings her lived experience and a passion for improving the lives of children. She is a member of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Council focused on a national juvenile justice reform movement and appointed by Governor Rick Scott to be on Florida’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention State Advisory Group. She has been awarded as one of the Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassadors for the state of Florida and Superhero for Superkids Young Advocate award. In addition to being an international public speaker and advocate, Alyssa’s story was featured on CBS 48 Hours: Live to Tell: Trafficked in March 2018. Her goal is to shift the perspective of people, especially people in position of power, when they hear: “trafficked,” “prostitute,” “runaway,” “juvenile delinquent.”